Sunday, March 23, 2008

Long May She Wave

Forest Hills 72 salutes the new Bonfire Grill flag that proudly waves above the East end of Austin Street. Towering above the women's boutiques and hair salons, the Bonfire Grill flag screams in bright red that there is a place in Forest Hills for Forest Hills. And the owners spared no expense in buying a ladder tall enough to raise it.

Look for that flag - that beacon in the night. Don't stop walking down Austin St. at Score! and say 'what's everyone talking about, this place sucks.' Just keep walking a little farther. You'll see that yes, there is a place in Forest Hills to eat a burger and watch the NCAA tourney. There is an Austin Street restaurant that you're actually looking forward to going to, not settling for because it's walkable and someone from the Daily News liked it in 1991.

So, break out your perfectly beat-up college baseball caps - even if you went to Oneonta. Actually, especially if you went to Oneonta. We've got ourselves a real Upper East Side hang out right here on Austin Street and I pledge allegiance to its flag.