Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FoHi in Blogs

This couple is moving to Queens from Florida (now that's the tail wagging the dog), but their realtor has had some bad subway commutes:

Through the help of former super intern Sheena the warrior princess, we have a realtor, Rolando, her boyfriend. We told him we need a place we can take York and someplace where Stacey doesn’t have sit on the Subway too long after her work day ends at midnight and I don’t have to commute too far out to Ronkonkoma.

We were thinking Astoria. It’s all the way out near Manhattan and didn’t seem too far from the highway for me.

He gave us Forest Hills. Supposed to be a nice neighborhood, but he also said it’s like an hour/hour and a half on the Subway for Stacey to get into Manhattan. Grandma disagrees. She remembers taking the Subway into the city from Brooklyn and it only took 45 minutes.

We have two new healthy options in Forest Hills. This Chowhounder votes for Ripe on Austin St. over Tierra Sana down by the Rego Park border:

It's funny to see so many posts about a place that essentially has pretty poor an alternative, try the new place Ripe that opened the other day couple door down from Corfu on Austin in that arcade mall...good fresh wraps, a super attentive owner on site,--place was packed and food was very good...chicken was exceptional quality.

But this person was thrilled with Tierra Sana (though it sounds like the poster has bigger problems with the neighborhood than finding a good smoothie):

. . .there has to be a place in Rego Park to get healthy vegan food and where you don't have to constantly remind yourself that you are in NYC, and not Tashkent! And where you can still see people who look as if they are reading Eckhart Tolle, and not stuck in a scene from Tolstoy. I really want to make Tierra Sana my new neighborhood lunch place!