Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Busy Bloggin'

I'll try to update the site more often. I know it's been pretty slow going. I've activated anonymous comments again to give you something to read when there's no posts - just please if you know who I am, don't share it. Everything else is fair game. . .

Let's see what's new. . .very little.

Trade Fair has switched to yellow bags. And their customer's average age seems to have dropped ten years in 2008. Whether that's due to the bags or a reflection of who's moving in is yet determined.

According to a photo on QueensCentral, the old UJ's site seems to be getting worked on. Could there finally be a reason to cross Continental besides shopping at the new internet store?

Nick's has responded to the price of flour skyrocketing by NOT raising its prices. Thought that should be noted.

The "for rent" sign has been taken out of the Rockaway Bedding sign on the North side of QB in the Forester building. I emailed Patricia Walsh of Cord Meyer who owns the space but got no reply regarding a possible tenant.

Early reviews of Bonfire Grill are mixed, and it seem it's more a bar than restaurant in the early going - but that's fine with me. It'll get better. As people here have noted, the design of the storefront alone gives it an A+. Could have been a nail salon, check cashing, cheesy boutique, bank, etc. . .

Theater Cafe is still open and is in fact looking for help. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I got an email saying their doors were chained and a "for sale" sign in the window. What a crock of shit that was - sorry about that.

More to come. . .