Friday, April 25, 2008

Somebody Open Something!

Just working on getting confirmation on some rumored store openings and closings, but haven't heard back.

In the meantime, random observations:

  • Austin Street Park should be opening any day now, if it hasn't already. They've painted a baseball diamond on part of it and put in new b-ball hoops and repaved it. Shouldn't have taken eight months, but we'll take it. Anything to move those annoying bigger kids away from the swings and 2 - 5 year old jungle gym. Go some some weed in the McD's parking lot like normal tweens.
  • Ripe is getting rave reviews, and it looked packed when I went by it to pick up my car at the Chevy shop. Just wish I didn't have to cross Continental to get there, but West-siders gotta eat too I guess.
  • The jewlery store next to Cheeses of the World is going out of business. Tiny store front, don't expect much.
  • Still no action on the two adjoining storefronts next to Dmitry.
  • Also still nothing on the huge Mandees/Annie Sez building, which is now starting to look bad.
  • The Chinese take out place at Ascan/Austin is "closesd for repair" for the next ten days according to a sign on the front. I peeked in and a lot of it was torn up. The faded pictures of Chow Mein were taken down above the counter too. I have no problem with Chinese take-out, just let's strive a little higher than chicken wings and hot sauce as your #3 special. You're bordered by Natural and Q for crying out loud.
  • Bonfire Grill's popularity seemed to cool off a bit, and hopefully it'll calm its opening night jitters. Once this place finds its stride it will be an excellent addition. We don't have a hang-out like it anywhere.
  • More to come. . .