Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bamboo Moves Working to Bring Farmer's Market to FoHi

A lot of you have wished for a Farmer's Market, but Bamboo Moves Yoga Studio (above Fay Da Bakery) takes it a step further. From the email inbox

. . .at this juncture we've recieved over 1,000 signatures of support from local Forest Hillsians who want to bring a Farmer's Market to town. Also we recently recieved support from Congressman Anthony Weiner who will write us a formal letter of support and assist in the permiting procedure with phone calls. Now we have picked a few locations, (although we are still accepting ideas) and we have asked GreenMarket Co. to inspect those locations and decide if they are elligible spots. After we pick our official spot we will have to apply with the Parks and Rec Department and begin the ardous process of getting approval. Realistically it will all begin NEXT summer, 2009. These things do take time. What would help move it along would be if other local business owners got behind it. Seeing as a large scale Market in a centralized location, (like MacDonal Park) would bring in many more people to the Austin Street/71st Continental shopping district we think it would definately benefit most businesses in the area.

Currently we are looking at MacDonal Park and The Park @ Russel Sage Junior High as our most likely locations.

Once we decide on our location we will also want to get support from the Forest Hills Community Board 6 and the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce. Anyone who can help us get support from those groups or wants to sign our petition should stop by our studio or call: 718-263-0788. They can also email us @ or find out more about us @

Great idea and hard work from a local business. While I'm not crazy about the locations scouted (would prefer it right off Austin St.), I'll take what I can get. Ideally, I would love to see one on 71st Rd, right outside the Windsor. Very wide road, not busy at all as far as cars but there are plenty of pedestrians, and I'm sure Cord Meyer and the Windsor's new businesses would love to have the draw. Please contact Bamboo Moves to help.