Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Phone It In

I was going to let this go, but after seeing all the coverage of the Memorial Day Parade in the local weeklies, I wanted to share my experience.

Yes, it was a great day with firetrucks, horses, marching bands, and politicians waiving to the crowd. But one thing that stands out is a sky-blue Chrysler (pictured above) driving in the parade. The lady in the front passenger seat (the headline seat) for some reason wasn't waiving. And then we found out why. She was talking on her cell phone. No acknowledgment of the crowd, just yapping away.

Parades are symbiotic events - marchers are happy when a big crowd comes out, crowds are happy to see them. It's bad enough when they let cars drive slowly down the route, but I understand it's a long walk. But nobody, NOBODY, spends the day in the hot sun jockeying for position to see people on cell phones. Hang up the damn phone and acknowledge the people who came to see you.

Don't know who she was, but I hope the organizers recognize the car in the photo and ban her from marching next year. They don't let just anyone drive down the route so she must be somebody. But give her next year off. Maybe next time she'll give a shit about the somber event and the families who came to honor it.

Otherwise, it was a very nice parade. Looking forward to next year.