Monday, May 19, 2008

Woodhaven Summit

The DOT is holding a Woodhaven Blvd workshop today at 5:30pm at the Forest Hills library on the northside of 71st Ave/QB.

As most of you know, Woodhaven Blvd is the scariest roadway this side of the Jackie Robinson. Narrow roads, left-turn-only lanes that come out of nowhere, speeding zippaheads in pimped up Maximas, subway bridges right in the middle of major intersections, this road isn't poorly designed, it's treacherous.

Crossing it on foot is Russian Roulette, especially when you consider how many of the DWI's you read about were caught on Woodhaven. Plus, unlike the Boulevard of Death, there isn't a subway running underneath to cut through when you don't feel like playing the game.

Don't know why the start time is at 5;30pm, pretty much ensuring terrible turnout, but contact the DOT through their website to get a synopsis of what was discussed. I also don't know why the title of the meeting is "Congestion on Woodhaven Blvd." considering there's not much you can do about that. You want to feel good and say there should be a light rail or rapid bus, fine. But these meatheads who drive up and back from S. Conduit wouldn't give up their Escalades for the most rapid bus in the world.

My suggestion? The same suggestion I have for all roads in New York City - red-light traffic cameras. Why they don't have them installed at every intersection in the city still baffles me.

Just be thankful the parade of cars on that street heads up to LIE and doesn't make the right on Union Tkpe on up to Continental, which would happen should Congestion Pricing ever get passed.