Thursday, June 5, 2008

72 Gets You 71

You might have heard about the election going on in City Council District 30. It's on the other side of Woodhaven.

The difference between the two leaders, Anthony Como (R) and Elizabeth Crowley (D) is 70 votes. 2,352 votes to 2,282 according to the Daily News and unless Crowley pulls out an absentee ballot miracle, Como down and meet your new Councilman.

Just want to remind all candidates in district 29 (our district) that this blog is your blog - and might put it 71 votes the other way. Feel freel to email me any campaign agendas you might have, questions you would be willing to field from our lunatic commenters, and reasons you feel you're better than the other guy.

So far, I have Mike Cohen, Lynn Shulman, Bob DeLay, running per the Campaign Finance website. Some news accounts have Karen Koslowitz running too. Not exactly new blood, but it's still early.

And if you're thinking of running yourself, great! All you need a lot of time and money. Here's a PDF form to get you started financially: