Thursday, June 19, 2008

AJ's Open, Delicious

In honor of AJ's still being open, I took a pie home yesterday on my way home from the LIRR. And by the way, I took the F train in. Is it like that every day? Took 45 minutes to go four stops, we had nice little fight between a Hispanic lady and Asian man regarding space by the doors and F trains whizzing by on the LOCAL track. No wonder the commenters have been so cranky lately. Guys, I'm begging you, take the LIRR. I don't care that you work at 53rd and 3rd, I dont' care that your wage works is preset to metrocards, just make the change. Back to AJ's. . .

While I didn't recognize anyone behind the counter, the pizza was better than it's been the last few times I went. In the interim, I went to Portofino where they put ketchup on a pancake and call it pizza - so it's nice to have a real pizza place to go to again. Yeah, I know, AJ's sucks, Michaelango's rocks, Lillian's, Capeolina, blah blah blah. Everyone has a better pizza place on their corner.

Anyway, no signs of impending doom except for one. The pizza box was generic "Fresh Hot Pizza", no longer the ironic "You've Tried the Rest, Now Try AJ's for a Change."

Cost cutting move, or running out the clock?