Saturday, June 14, 2008

AJ's Update

Here's what we know. The building that houses AJ's Pizza was for sale. It's been reported on other blogs and above is the listing. The side street business the ad refers to is Piccolo Mundo a children's clothing store that is in fact moving a few doors down as per a sign in its window.

The building for some reason has been taken off the market. Was a deal struck as some of the commenters claim, or did Sal change his mind and keep on truckin' because his son is one slice short of a full pie? Time will tell.

If it goes, I'll miss it. Not because I thought Sal was so great - I couldn't pick him out of the line up and I've never found the staff there to be very nice. But I agree with a lot of people here when they say while it wasn't the best pizza in the city, it was above average - and in Forest Hills, that's five star cuisine.