Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Bike Lane on QB?

Here's a story about a young man who was killed while riding his bike on Queens Blvd. His family is calling for bike lanes on Queens Blvd. It's long overdue.

Anyone who's almost been run over on a sidewalk or forced to ride with 50mph traffic on that horrendous road knows it's desperately needed. There's obviously a ton of room for one, or six, and maybe would add some aesthetic benefit. Every day I hear about a different bike lane in the white parts of Brooklyn or in Manhattan. It's time to get ours.

The DOT's two most recent solutions to slowing QB traffic and improving safety have been allowing more parking on the service roads and installing metal fences to coral people to cross at the intersections. It's time to take it past those half-assed stop gaps.

Remove the parking spaces they installed a few years ago on the service roads and put in bike lanes.

The Queens Chronicle is asking for opinions.

The Queens Chronicle is interested in hearing readers’ views on the question: Should the city build a bicycle lane on Queens Boulevard?
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