Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cheebuger Gets Some Ink

Lots of pick-ups of our Cheeburger opening. It was mentioned on the New York Magazine blog,, and Metromix Here at home, fellow Forest Hills blogger Splitting Hairs gave this welcome:

The presence of this restaurant at the base of the Windsor makes me positively ecstatic that I don’t own there. I’m not just mouthing sour grapes; truly, can you not readily conjure in your minds the Windsor condo crowd cringing at the thought of the smell and the summer-sweaty large crowds a place like this inevitably attracts? Midway movie patrons, fresh from their summer blockbusters and 2-gallon-sized popcorns, downed with a Coke, now have a place to go one more round with food that is generally acknowledged as less-than-life-enhancing. Yum.

Read for yourself. You can't miss the post, it's just above the one "Acknowledgment for All" in which she bemones a society that deems others as "less worthy" based on lifestyle choices. Acknowledgment for all. . .except those who eat popcorn I guess.