Monday, June 2, 2008

Cheeburger Eve

Tomorrow, Cheeburger clogs its first artery in Forest Hills as it opens after a long delay. The paper is off the window and it looks great inside. I'm guilty of liking chain restaurants more than most. Not for dinner (that's lame), but for lunch - and Cheeburger is a lunch place. Let's take a look at the winners and losers:


Northsiders. A quick jaunt under the 71st subway underpass and you're there. You can argue this part of Queens Blvd. is closer to Northsiders than the residential parts of the South side. And no Austin riff raff to deal with.

Parents in the AQUA section. Yes, you could walk to Johnny Rocket's which is pretty much a carbon copy of this place, but walking down Austin Street on a Saturday is a noise-filled downer. Bring the kiddies to Cheeburger and then back to the Austin St. park. Plus, it's got an interesting kids menu.

Commuters. Grab a salad on the way home, what a concept.


Johnny Rocket's. I really liked this place when it first opened, but it got expensive fast. The clientele was always a bit weekender-ish, and eventually I stopped going. The opening of another retro-diner won't help.

Nick's Pizza. A staple of the weekend lunch with small children now (finally) got some competition. Expect them to counter by not giving a rat's ass.

Austin House. This lazy coffee shop with the perfect location just moved another notch down on the "grab a quick bite" chart behind Cheeburger, AJ's, and Nick's.

So, welcome Cheeburger. See the menu here: