Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FoHi in Blogs

An open mic participant at Theater Cafe:

The audience (a fair number of people, all things considered) was responsive (they sang along on "Generic Love Song" and "Don't Quit Your Day Job," which is great considering this was the first time they heard either song).After that the host of the evening (Vinnie!) got some of his buddies up to jam and eventually invited me back up to join them. I had already put away my guitar by then, so for a few songs I just sang backup. Then I noticed there was an electric piano nearby--seriously, it went unnoticed before because of all the soft guitar cases and such strewn over it--so I started adding some things from the keys. After it was all over Vinnie asked me if I'll be back next Thursday. I guess I will. It was fun.

A shopper on Austin St.

My Forest Hills expedition was a smashing success. Austin St. shopping might become a semi-regular thing. It's like Soho without the crowds. (Of course, it might have only been that way yesterday because sane people with air conditioners all stayed home.)

A potential neighbor:

Hi all... I'll be moving to the New York area late summer, and am looking at living in either Brooklyn (probably Prospect Heights, Park Slope, South Slope, but I'm open) or Queens (Astoria or Forest Hills). An important part of my decision about which neighborhood to live in will be food.