Friday, July 18, 2008

Barbara Corcoran on FoHi

NY Daily News featuring Barbara Corcoran

Is Forest Hills a smart buy for real estate investors?

Q I live in New York City and want to buy a two- to three-family home as an investment. Should I look in Forest Hills?

A Forest Hills, located in the heart of Queens, is an idyllic New York neighborhood of Tudor mansions, adorable little condominiums, and a handful of two- and three-family homes that fetch very good rental rates.

The best news of all is that its proximity to midtown Manhattan (less than a 30-minute commute) makes it attractive to sophisticated Manhattanites who are looking to move into the boroughs.

Forest Hills also has great shopping, with a nice mix of big stores, interesting boutiques, bookstores and some of the best bagel shops this side of the Mississippi.

Three paragraphs and inaccuracies in each one. We have no adorable condos (great co-ops and single families however), it takes 12 minutes to Manhattan on the LIRR, and there are better bagel stores in Mississippi. However, the bagel shop crack might be realtor code to warn people about all the jews.