Monday, July 28, 2008

Boulevard of Bikes

Great turnout for the quickly but very well organized rally make Queens Blvd a "Complete Street" which means a dedicated lane for bicycles.

Huge thanks to Mike Heffron for tipping me off to it. Though I was out of town, I did ask the local bicycle store Spin City to promote the event, and they did post a notice in their window about it. Thanks to them as well.

A fantastic wrap-up of the event can be found on

On it, you'll find impassioned pleas by the family of the young man who was killed at the spot of the rally in February, Asif Rahman. You'll also see Councilman Genaro calling for the Complete Street and according to Streetsblog "Queens Council Members John Liu and Eric Gioia also signed on to a letter urging Mayor Bloomberg to complete Queens Boulevard. "

I would bet there is more raw width on Queens Blvd than any of the roads with existing protected bike lanes in NYC. There is room, there is a need, and there is a moral responsibility to make this local road better for locals.

It's time for Melinda Katz to make good on her promise to try and make Queens Blvd a livable street. Thanks to Mike Heffron & Co. for helping her get a head-start.

photo of QB by Forest Hills 72