Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Melinda's Help

Keeping on the Queens Blvd theme, an excerpt from either a letter or speech (it's not clear) from Council Member Melinda Katz shortly after being named chair of the Land Use Committee in 2002.

In my district, another concern I have is the safety of Queen's Boulevard where 76 people have died since 1993. In recent months, there have been some good changes made. There are new lights on 62nd Street and a shorter amount of distance for pedestrians to walk across the street. We have also added more intersections so that people no longer need to walk several blocks before crossing the streets in most of the major areas. In the long run, the entire boulevard needs to be redesigned and reconstructed. Until that happens, I will continue working to make Queens Boulevard safer for the millions of people who use it everyday.
(if link doesn't work, try cut and paste)

Now, earlier in the letter, Katz mentions one of her goals was to build schools on the Metropolitan Ave. site - and she gets an A+ for getting that done. Now, with her time in office winding down, wouldn't it be great for her legacy to fulfill her last goal, a serious effort towards a redesigned and reconstructed Queens Blvd.

We will be following this for a while since it finally seems to be getting some traction - with much thanks to Mike Heffron from Transportation Alternatives.