Monday, July 7, 2008


Channel 2 has picked up on the Times story about the Bukharian mansions. See the story here.

I think the news departments see all the comments on here and Queens Crap and say that this is something that has legs.

I really hope this takes off, if nothing else than to see our Council Member, and head of the Land Use Committee, try to explain why she's never even mentioned what is obviously a major issue to her constituency.

Has the contributions of the Bukharians to Katz - and there definitely have been many - influenced her action (or non-action) of these out-of character and potentially environmentally damaging structures? To me, that's the real story. As far as the houses themselves, it's hard to argue with the Bukharian rabbi when he says he's raising property value. $1.7 million gets you a hell of a lot more on Long Island than a ranch house on a busy street.