Friday, July 11, 2008

The Song Is Over

Went in to AJ's last night to inquire whether Sal would be singing since it's Thursday. Answer no. Here's how it might have gone down at the closing:

Henry Huang: Well, here' s the check. Five million as promised.

Sal: Thanks, but there is one item of business on the table.

Huang: The pizzeria, we'll keep it open for the time being. You're right, it's very successful.

Sal: No, that that. You know, Thursday nights?

Huang: Thursday nights. . . Oh no, Sal, not that again.

Sal: People love it! It's an institution.

Huang: Okay, how about you get to keep the building and sing all you want, and I keep the $5 million.

Sal: Well, I guess there's always Karoke at the Irish Cottage.