Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Don't Have to Go Home, But You Can't Stay At The Shoe Bar

Got confirmation that it is the Shoe Bar that's in that broker ad. Great location, on the corner of the Irish Cottage. 72nd Ave and Austin St. Let's hope for something good.

A few doors down, it looks like Games Workshop has closed its doors for good. I reported that the lease was up for sale last year, but mistook the store for Game Stop. I got some heat from enraged nerds, which I deserved. I did note after the nasty comments I got that the store does obviously care about its product. Many times you would see employees in front of the store talking with customers about who knows what, but they knew their stuff and were into it.

More importantly, it was nerds knowing their strength, being nerds. They weren't preaching about sustainability, rocking out to Death Cab for Cutie, getting into everyone's way on the train with their ipod on. No, they were talking fantasy dragon games. Now that's a nerd confident in his own glasses.