Friday, July 25, 2008

You've Got To Fight, For Your Right, To Bike Lane

If you're serious about a bike lane on Queens Blvd, you have to show up for this. It'll take one hour. From the inbox:

Mike Heffron says:

So I got final confirmation that Transportation Alternatives along with CM Jim Gennaro's office will be having a press conference to kick off our campaign for a Safer Queens Blvd. Here's the info:

WHEN: Sunday 7/27 12pm
WHERE: Queens Blvd and 55th Rd at Asif Rahman's Ghost Bike
WHY: To make Queens Blvd safer for pedestrians and cyclists
CM Jim Gennaro will be there
, hopefully some other electeds too. We will be calling for a physically separated bike lane and pedestrian improvements along the length of Queens Blvd. Ped improvements include, but are not limited to, increasing pedestrian crossing times or even leading pedestrian intervals (LPI), mid block crossing and reducing turning conflicts between cars and people. I want to stress, this is not just for a bike lane, pedestrians still are struck with frequency along Queens Blvd and they need our help too.

Queens Blvd doesn't actually run through Gennaro's district but Asif Rahman, the young man who was struck and killed along Queens Blvd, was one of his constituents. He is responding to pleas from Lizi Rahman, Asif's mother, to do something about Queens Blvd. And after all, this is not some little street in one neighborhood, this is Queens Blvd. Changes here will affect everyone in Queens for the better, whether or not it runs through ones neighborhood.

What we want more than anything is for people to come out to the press conference and start the campaign strong. The whole thing shouldn't be more than an hour. I think it's fair to say that it's because of blogs like yours that this ball has gotten rolling so quickly. A small mention was made about revisiting Queens Blvd and that spark very quickly turned into a fire.

Getting there: Take the subway to Grand Ave. or the Q60. While you're in the area, grab brunch at Pop Diner. Please show up.