Monday, August 11, 2008

0 For 2

The first two stores put up signs at the Gabriel Shopping Center (Metropolitan and Continental). Welcome T-Mobile and some women's fitness place, I think it was called Sedona Fitness, but not sure.

Anyway, no Starbucks as the developer had previously said. That's a bummer. Still beats the old chop shop but not a good start onsidering all the people he pissed off with this thing. Cell phone store and a small fitness place. Boo!

Morning Odds on the next store:

Nail Salon: 2:1

Local Bank: 3:1

National Bank: 20:1

Subway Sandwiches: 7:1

Bagel Shop with Pun In Its Name (i.e. Dough Nutz) 15:1

Bagel Shop No Pun (i.e. Bagels For You) 6:1

Hair Salon: 1:2

Here are some of your guesses when the plans were first announced last year: