Wednesday, August 6, 2008

15 Years, Minimum

Just got back and see they got to the bottom of what happened on the GCP service road. Could have been anyone of us or our families that were hit. And crushed into pieces.

Charge this no-good garbage with murder, just like they do on Long Island. If they do anything right, it's prosecute reckless driving correctly. Anything less than 15 years behind bars is unacceptable. This is not a tragedy - it's an Goddamned outrage. It easily could have been you or your parents in that Acura. The deceased couple, the Kim's, have a daughter at Yale.

I just briefly scanned the comments, but the one who called on Chuck Shumer to intercede is absolutely right. Melinda Katz too.

15 years. Minimum. Or get out of office because you're useless. I just wish that Mercedes hit a nice hard light pole instead of the Kim's Acura.