Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bloomberg: Toll the Bridges

Mayor Bloomberg is warming up a cold case by suggesting tolls be put on all bridges/tunnels into Manhattan. It's an idea that's been explored by every NYC Mayor since Peter Stuyvesant.

Many will remember that I was 100% against congestion pricing and still am. However, I am less opposed to these tolls. Mainly because it taxes people who leave Manhattan, while Congestion Pricing only punished those entering. Plus, it's stupid policy to have the crossings on expressways tolled while the ones in residential areas (59th St. bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg, etc) are free. Wouldn't you want LESS traffic in those areas?

It will never pass, but East River tolls combined with a parking permit plan for park n' ride neighborhoods is something worth looking at. While you're at it, let's see tolls on the LIE and GCP at the Queens/Nassau border.