Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking the Budget

The 2009 Community Board budget request packet is out. It's a huge document but after a quick review, here are some request highlights for Community Board 6 (CB6 = Forest Hills/Rego Park) and their status. Priority number is a rank by the CB, so a 1 is very important and a 20 is not so much.

Priority 1 Request: Upgrading all sewer systems in CB6.
Response: Further study needed.

Priority 3 Request: Woodhaven Blvd. Safety Improvements.
Response: DOT working on it.

Priority 4: Union Turnpike (from Metropolitan to Woodhaven) Safety Improvements, including service road.
Response: Agency will try to accommodate with existing resources.

Here's a good one:
Priorty 12: Fund additional or expanded parking facility at 112th NYPD Precinct to alleviate congestion.
Response: After extensive search by NYPD, no site is available.

Ouch. Something's got to be done there (Yellowstone/Austin). It's a total mess and almost all of it can be blamed on the police parking illegally - most notable in the turn lanes.

A bunch of other stuff is in there. Check it out for yourself and feel free to comment. (pdf file) http://home2.nyc.gov/html/omb/pdf/cbrboro6_08.pdf

And what would a city-wide budget post be without a little inequality griping. I'll leave you with this:

From Brooklyn CB 6:

Priority 12: Sufficient funds are requested to undertake a series of Capital improvements to Prospect Park, including but not limited to, Litchfield Villa (2 mil) Oriental Pavilion (200K), Lighting at Grand Army Plaza and lighting of the arch at Grand Army Plaza.

Response: Funding for this project was added during adoption.

From Queens CB6:

Priority CS (meaning it's always a priority): Study Williow Lake for preservation of the area. Repair or replace fencing in the area.

Response: Insufficient funds, call your councilmember.

Hold on a second. Prospect Park, that already well-funded park gets the 2 million, while Willow Lake, which could be beautiful but is currently a damn disgrace, gets the high hat?

Overall, you'll see if you read it, our CB asks for lots of flooding stuff, some building inspectors, more Queens Blvd safety improvements, but sadly not much in they way of beautification like other CB's seemed to ask for. Oh, and you'll find lots of senior citizen goodies. Hey, don't bitch, they go to the meetings. . .