Saturday, August 30, 2008

Drunk Driving Tip: If You Hit Someone, Haul Ass

According to Queens Weekly Forum West, Diana Toro who killed 81 year old Franz Fuerch on Metropolitan Avenue last October while hammered (and drove away), has reach a plea agreement and will receive six months in the pokey. The newspaper doesn't publish online, but here is a transcript from the print edition:

"Toro pled guilty in June to second degree vehicular manslaughter and is expected to be sentenced to six months n jail and five ears of probation, according to a spokesman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. "

"The district attorney's office didn't provide any additional information regarding the plea agreement reached with Toro or whether there were mitigating factors leading to a reduced sentence."

The bad news is the hit-and-run drunkard killer will be free in six months. The good news is Mets 2009 season tickets are already on sale, so Ms. Toro can phone in her order on the way to jail and be there in person for opening day.