Thursday, August 14, 2008

From the Inbox:

As emailed to me this week - none of it is confirmed.

  • You might be interested in what's going on at the Chatham, a co-op with many renters at 72nd Ave & Queens Blvd. The building management has always been inconsistent, volatile but not, at heart, mean...until now. After being openly pet-friendly for many years (with management/ownership touting such pet friendliness at annual co-op board meetings), they're now trying to roust pet-owner renters.

  • Did you hear there was a stabbing at AJs pizza on Austin Street last night? Between employees, in the kitchen around 10:45 pm. Victim was taken away in an ambulance, stabber ran away. That's really all I know.

  • DOT has advised that they have finally commenced work on resurfacing the entire 7.5 miles of QB.
    They just started in Sunnyside and will work eastward to Jamaica Av. This project is nearly 2 years behind schedule. Tons of complaints and petitions have poured into City Hall over the last few years. QB has not seen fresh asphalt in nearly 14 years!