Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Do You Do New Peru?

According to the increasing hard to wade-through Queens Central Forums, a bit of actual news. A Peruvian restaurant is coming to AQUA.

Poster BP states: We happened to discover tonight that the old deli/grocer next to the liquor store on QB and just outside of the 75th subway station is going to be a Peruvian restaurant.

Joining other Forest Hills newcomers Casa Di Elian (Mexican) and La Pampas (Argentina), and Austin Street's Cabana Express (Cuba), FoHi is looking at its first wave of Hispanic cuisine since Sergeant Garcia's and Fresh Soft Taco. While this might will alarm delight some all, the fact that they're upscale and better designed than most Forest Hills existing restaurants should alleviate any "When did Forest Hills become Jackson Heights" anxiety.

Bienvenidos, new Peru.