Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make Forest Park Drive Completely Car-Free

In the wake of Summer Streets, the New York Sun is reporting that Transportation Alternatives is advocating banning cars from Prospect Park in Brooklyn. http://www.nysun.com/new-york/prospect-park-is-now-eyed-for-ban-on-cars/84639/

Advocates of a car-free Prospect Park say they have successfully whittled away at the number of hours that cars can use the park each day and are within striking distance of having them banned altogether.

If that goes through, the city should use the same pen to completely ban cars from Forest Park Drive. Parts of it are already closed to cars, but for some reason the ban stops north of Metropolitan where bikers need it most. Because so many people (bikers and peds) enter the park in that Northeast corner, it only makes sense to complete the car ban in that part.

Above, you'll see that there are PLENTY of ways for cars to go south to north through the park. Union Turnpike, the Jackie Robinson, and Park Lane South all run parallel to Forest Park Drive. Closing that part of Forest Park Drive will have absolutely
no effect on traffic, yet it will open a clear path to get to other parts of the park. It's common sense and long overdue.

As it stands now, the only people who use that road are drivers who are too impatient to wait at the Union Turnpike light and thus can speed through the park. Close it.