Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pigs: Clean Up Your Mess

One of the more frustrating things about litter is the anonymity of it. You come across a Starbucks cup on the ground or a McD's Apple Pie box on the sidewalk and wonder who would just throw it there.

So it was when I went to the Austin Street park this morning and found some large empty Domino's pizza boxes and contents within left by the fountains where the kids play. It created a huge and ugly mess and there were two garbage cans six feet way. Who would be so thoughtless to leave such a mess in a children's playground?

However, upon further inspection, it seems Domino's prints the location and phone number of the orders right there on the boxes. (edited out phone number) 111-10 76th Rd, clean it up slob.

Most amazing (more so than even someone calling Domino's in NYC) is that the building is right across the street from the park. You would think that if anyone had an interest in its cleanliness, it would be these residents.