Monday, August 25, 2008

Thinking Outside the Foxs

New women's clothing store coming to Austin Street. From the inbox:

We will be opening a new location on Austin Street in October

You can access information about us on our website

We currently have 13 stores. We are very excited about this new location

From the aforementioned website:

At FOX’S we have a unique philosophy we live by: For over twenty years, we’ve opened our doors with the belief that every woman should look and feel special. Our designer clothing and accessories are not only sold at great prices, but we’ve created a unique shopping experience designed with this vision in mind.

I'm trying to get a confirmation of the exact location of this new store. I don't know if it's big, medium, or small, but luckily Austin Street has a wide variety of For Rent spaces specializing in women's clothing (Big - Mandees, Medium - Daniella, Small - Inside NYC). With other locations being in similar towns demographically like Huntington, Stamford, and Mineola, it doesn't sound like it will affect Forest Hills either way.

So, welcome another place where you can get Women's fashions. Though judging from the website, this one seems more with-it than the Diva/Bus Stop/Ice/Kick Up/Zoya variety - and the fact that they emailed me back is a bonus.