Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5 Guys Coming To Almost Forest Hills

RKF strikes again, bringing in another chain that people actually want.

5 Guys Burgers and Fries joins Trader Joe's, Panera, and lesser demanded Staples and Michael's, making the unbelievable transformation of the Metropolian/Woodhaven Blvd. intersection from decrepit toxic eyesore just about complete. It will be in the Panera building.

Alexandria Times calls it a "Phenomenon that wins 'Best Burger' in nearly every market it enters.'

As sent to me from the corporate office:

Five Guys is growing rapidly across the country, and we do our best to list stores that are opening within the next few months on our website. Unfortunately, we can rarely predict the exact date that a store will open until just a few days prior to opening, but we will do our best to open our stores as fast as possible!
The Five Guys store to be located in Forest Hills, NY is projected to open in or around the Spring of 2009.

Projected Location:

Forest Hills
73-25 Woodhaven Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Couple of interesting things here. First, RKF has consistenly marketed the intersection as part of Forest Hills, which it isn't. Though, I believe it might pass the Football Test (if you can throw a football from the zip code and hit the building, you can claim it to be in your zip). I'll have to check on the boundries.

But selling that development as Forest Hills tells me RKF thinks a lot of the 11375 name and people do want to do business here. Great news considering all the available space we have. Now if only Forest Hills proper can capitalize.

It's also apparent, off-Austin developments like the Trader Joe's shopping center, Atlas Park, Queens Center Mall, continue to cherry pick anchor stores like Trader Joe's, Amish Market, and H & M. Parking lots, clean grounds, and constant events (at least at Atlas Park) are tough to compete with - even though we have the subway, affluence, thousands of apartments, and existing anchor stores like Banana Republic, Gap, Midway, and Ann Taylor Loft.

Granted, we got Cheeburger Cheeburger, but 5 Guys is clearly hipper with stores in Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, LaGuardia St. and Bleecker St. Having one at, say, Rouge would have been nice.

But as long as 5 Guys thinks it's Forest Hills, who are we to argue. Welcome.