Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aimee Higher

Aimee Salon, currently down by Natural is moving west. It will take over the Daniella space at 71-62 Austin St. Signage is already up and it looks nice. Kudos to them for not using an awning.

The question becomes what happens to the old Aimee's space. With neighbors Austin Fish Market, Hasaan Beauty Supply and half of Dmitry already vacant, a huge space is available. It is prime real estate as many in Forest Hills (especially parents) makes it down there at some point during the week for Natural, Nick's, PS 101, Community House/Church in the Gardens, or Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. Also, the AQUA section and the Gardens are right there.

Is the landlord trying to rent all four at once - maybe combining them? Seems plausible as the Beauty Supply store has been vacant for almost a year (they even took the tv in the window, playing a video loop of strings pulling hair out of a woman's face). The space available signs have a 212 area code attached, I believe the leasing company is Sutton Garrett.

In fact, it's been so vacant long, you can even see the "Space Available" sign in the Google Street Maps photo above (above the left half of Dmitry). Maybe they are holding out for something big and needed the Aimee's space - or it just might be time to lower the asking rent.

Anyone connected to the space, please email the blog or post in the comments if there's anything readers can do to help bring in something good.