Monday, September 8, 2008

District 10 Primary

Tomorrow, registered Queens democrats will chose a candidate for State Senate Democratic Primary in District 10, which contains big parts of Forest Hills in its northwest reaches. The race for the Dem nomination is between incumbent Shirley Huntley and challenger Allan Jennings Jr. The winner of tomorrow's primary will almost certainly win in the general election in November.

While State Senate might seem like an office of lesser importance, remember that Barack Obama was a State Senator as recently as 2004. It is a legit office.

On the one hand, you have Jennings, who the Queens Tribune called "
deeply disturbed." He is known to most as the politician who threw a piece of metal at a TV news reporter outside his house. As the Queens Gazette puts it "Jennings was thrown out of the council after being found guilty of several improprieties and is now attempting a comeback."

On the other is Huntley, who has turned a $28,500 home mortgage into a $290,000 debt thanks to poor financial planning.

A brief summation of each as found on the internet. Note, this is NOT supplied to me by the candidate:

About Allan Jennings:

From,_Jr._ER.htm (as supplied by candidate):

Councilman Allan W. Jennings, Jr. stands firm on his decision that voting "No" for property tax increase was the right thing to do. On November 25th 2002, he voted his conscience and in the best interest of his constituents by voting against the 18.5 percent property tax increase, which was very excessive. Councilman Jennings, who is highly effective, not only in his district but across the City, chairs The Civil Service and Labor Committee and serves on Finance, Public Safety, Cultural Affairs, Environmental Protection, Libraries and Intergroup Relations Committees. He was removed from the Finance Committee for his No vote on the property tax. Mayor Bloomberg withheld the renewal of his parking permit. Many of his colleagues in the City Council have stated that because of his courageous stand against the property tax increase, in the future they would take risks to protect the interest of the people in their district.

Councilman Jennings has secured $8.5 million for laptops for every child in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade in his district over the next three years and is bringing Southeast Queens students into the next century. March 2003 PS48, PS96, PS123 and PS223 received their laptop computers. This September PS30, PS160, PS50, PS80 and PS121 will receive their computers and by 2005 under this innovative program PS45, PS55, PS100, PS155, PS124 PS40 and PS161 will receive this new technology in the classroom. Councilman Jennings hopes that this computer based education will bring a zeal for learning among our children. This is the first program of this magnitude to be launched in New York City.

Councilman Allan W. Jennings, Jr. is admired and is highly respected by his colleagues for his independence and his diligence to serve his constituency at all cost. He has been commended for his exceptional prowess and vision in supporting an agenda that includes all the people of the City of New York.

About Shirley Huntley:


Shirley L. Huntley represents the 10th Senatorial District in Queens County. Having spent most of her life in the district she now represents, Mrs. Huntley knows very well the nature of its diverse communities.

Shirley L. Huntley presently resides in Jamaica, NY with her husband Herbert Huntley, with whom she operates a business-Huntley Enterprises, a maintenance company. Mrs. Huntley is a very proud mother and grandmother. She has served as an effective parent leader and a community activist. Her commitment to the best education for her own children as well as for the welfare of all children resulted in her becoming involved in the public school system and in many other community projects and organizations. Mrs. Huntley was elected to Community School Board 28 in 1993 with an overwhelming number of votes. In 1996, she was re-elected for a second term and she was the Community School Board 28 President until the dissolution of the School Board in 2004. In June 2004, Mrs. Huntley was appointed to the Community Education Council for District 28 by the Queens Borough President, the Honorable Helen Marshall. She was elected President of the Community Education Council for District in July 2004.

Senator Huntley has, over the years, gained recognition for outstanding services to the children and parents to District 28. Her persistent ability and determination has enabled her to make educational changes in her community. It is her strong conviction that public education is important to the future success of this city and its children. The collecting of information, being informed, developing civic awareness and the acquiring of a formal or technical education is necessary for socio-economic growth and development of our youth.

Senator Huntley has membership and affiliations in a number of organizations and committees. She has also received numerous awards and honors commending her for dedicated service to the community.

Senator Huntley was elected to office in 2007. Mrs. Huntley will focus her efforts in the areas of health care, education, and youth services.

With more Forest Hills races coming in November (most notably Maltese vs. Addadabo), feel free to post why you support or reject any local candidate. If you really want to sway opinion, please use a registered name. Happy days are Hills again!