Friday, September 5, 2008

Just When You Thought It Was Kinda Safe. . .

From the Inbox at 9:51pm Friday Night:

72nd Ave & Queens Blvd

Hey just FYI, some guy got hit by a car right in front of my apartment here. An older woman was driving a car and my boyfriend & I heard a loud bang. We didn't get up to look right away since there's always loud noises out there but we heard sirens a little while later. Three ambulances from 3 different hospitals showed up, they were pumping the guys chest rapidly. I don't think his heart was pumping. They took him away and the old woman has been here talking to police for about 2 hours, they put her in the ambulance to talk to her for awhile. Queens Blvd is taped off w/ crime scene tape and the investigation is still going on. I don't know how it happened, or why it's still on-going, just a heads up in case anything is in the papers. I took a video and some pics. Probably will be online later if you want to check them out. I don't have any of the guy (I kinda just stood there with my mouth open at that point) but I took some later.

If anyone has additional information, please post in the comments. Let's hope the guy is alright, but it sounds bad.