Friday, September 12, 2008

Overcrowding 101

Reports are coming out of Wednesday's PA (Parents Association) meeting at PS 101, and apparently things are in total disarray.

Rumors say that overcrowding is reaching illegal levels, with kids as old as 1st grade having to stay home because there's no room at the inn.

How did this happen as late as first grade? As the elderly move on and young families take their large apartments, hasn't anyone anyone noticed class sizes getting bigger for pre-K? Is PS 101 in touch with area private nursery programs like Community House and Church in the Gardens who are turning kids away in droves? How could anyone be blindsided by this?

If it's true and first graders are getting denied an education, where is the coverage? Where are the scores of weekly newspapers, whose Forest Hills coverage has been abysmal lately.

While it's great that Mayor Bloomberg has made Broadway nicer to sit down and have a danish, our first graders are getting denied a basic right.

And where are Maltese, Huntley, Katz, Hevesi, and the myriad of other representatives so visible on Primary day.

I've said this on the site since day one. Public elementary schools in Forest Hills are the draw. It's not Jazz Thursdays, Nick's Pizza, the F train, or Austin Street. Those are nice, but the schools trump all of it combined. You screw those up, well, let's just say many of us won't be making so much fun of New Jersey anymore.

Anyone out there at the meeting on Wednesday? Please tell us what was said in the comments.