Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sample of Things To Come?

Reading the comments, I came across a rare good one:

What is the situation with 2 stores on Austin that have signs in the window stating "sample sale"?
They look cheap and tacky with racks of junky clothing hung up.
One space is where the Games Workshop was and the other closer to Continental.

My wife asked the same question upon seeing in the Games Workshop one, a man in a yarmulke sitting at a card table at the doorway putting cash in a shoebox.

Austin Street is not a flea market. It's not Archer Avenue. If these landlords want to rent temporarily to relatives or associates or something, I guess that's legal, but I hope they know it looks like shit and won't do anything to help the other vacant stores get a tenant.

Instead of these street-fair like nameless temporary business, how about lowering the rent slightly and attract a store that's proven to be both good for the community and popular with its residents - like a Ripe, Bonfire Grill, Pampas Argentinas, Martha's, or Yogomonster?

Better yet, tell these fly-by-nighter businesses to sign a permanent lease, join the Chamber of Commerce, and contribute something.