Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sushi Oh No!

SEIZED. That's what the bright orange sign said posted on the closed gates of Sushi Oh this morning, located next to Natural and La Cabana Express.

Reports of Sushi Oh's demise have been circulating for a while now and looks like it has completed the Forest Hills Restaurant 5 Steps Program. To refresh your memories, they are:

1. Open to a big Forest Hills crowd, smiles all around. (see Rouge)
2. Lose some of crowd, skimp on quality of ingredients to compensate. (See UJ's Luncheonette)
3. Lose Forest Hills crowd due to poor service, attract only visitors who don't want to walk (see Mardi Gras).
4. Become mean to your remaining customers (see T-Bone Diner).
5. For Rent (see Melange).

By the way, these were written when Rouge and UJ's were still open thank you very much.

Sushi seems a pretty low hanging fruit in a recession so losing one in this over-saturated sushi town is not surprising. "Oh" well.