Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where the Jobs Are


The Queens neighborhood with the largest gain in the number of jobs between 1997 and 2007 - rather than a percentage increase - was
Forest Hills, 11375. It added 7,925 jobs, ranking it eighth in the five boroughs and making it the only zip code outside of Manhattan to crack the top 10 for the number of new jobs created.

The article doesn't specify what industries the new jobs are in, but I would guess medical and banks. It is commendable that even though Forest Hills really hasn't built any new office buildings, that we are competing with Manhattan zip codes for job growth during Manhattan's Bloomberg boom.

Hopefully, this report will give local officials the ammo to push for:

  • Better express subway service.
  • More (or one) bicycle routes to downtown.
  • Funding for cleaner streets (beyond the understaffed/overworked Doe fund).
  • More open space (a huge Bloomberg initiative in Manhattan and Brooklyn).
  • Pressure on landlords to be more open to food-based businesses for the lunch crowd.
Can you believe we are in the top 10 in job growth in a world capital and don't have one above average lunch place? Where do these execs and vendors take their clients, Gotta Get A Bagel?