Friday, October 10, 2008

Atlas Growing

As emailed to me, Atlas Park signs its newest tenant - hip urban women's clothing store Mango.

With stores on Michigan Ave in Chicago, Market St in San Francisco, Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Century City in Los Angeles, and NYC's own Soho, this Barcelona-based powerhouse has found its second home in Queens (there's another one in Flushing).

Yet another payoff for the aggressive marketing of Hemmerdinger's Atlas Park and potentially another lost tenant for Austin Street.

However, I was at the street fair on Sunday and it was so packed, it was tough to walk - so there's no question Austin Street is still a major draw. Why the much less populated Atlas Park is winning upscale tenants over Austin Steet is beginning to reek of poor marketing. Maybe it's time for Leslie Brown to call out unrealistic landlords and open their eyes to what's going on elsewhere - Atlas Park, Metropolitan/Woodhaven, Flushing, Queens Center Mall, etc. I've got an upcoming post on Dollar Chic, which is one of the worst store openings on Austin Street in years.

And if that's not enough, while I was away, it looks like we've got competition within our own family, according to the Daily News. The article's thesis is that Metropolitan Ave. is passing Austin Street in terms of cache.

Never one to pass up taking a shot at Austin Street in favor South Forest Hills, our Civic Leader states:

Likening Metro to a "small-town Main St.," Forest Hills civic leader Barbara Stuchinski said these changes will strengthen the local economy while maintaining its friendly style.

"It's a more inclusive neighborhood area - the way Austin St. used to be when I was a teenager, which is 60 years ago," Stuchinski said.