Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life Discovered on 72nd Rd

On the final frontier of the Austin Street business district, there's a sign of life.

72nd Rd. opposite Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, is the current home to a mish-mash of temporary looking businesses and terrible looking building extensions. However, through the clutter comes "Chick'N Green Cafe - Organic and Natural Salad Bar'.

According to the owner, who I spoke with briefly, it will "be like the ones in the city. Build your own salad, smoothies, and stuff like that." It is her only store and she expects a late November, early December opening date.

Whether this the first shot in battle to convert this Austin Street nether region to a hip block of stores catering to the non-Dollar Chic crowd is yet to be known. But we wish Chick n' Green all the luck in the organic world and only offer one piece of advice - sell good coffee and have a place to sit outside.