Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Weeks Ago

When I last posted:

The Dow Jones Average was at 11059. Today it's at 8080.

The Mets were in first place.

John McCain led in the national polls.

"Milkshake" by Kelis topped the pop charts.

A dance craze called "The Macarena" swept across the nation.

Television viewers across the land fell in love with Arnold Drummond and waited on the edge of their barcaloungers for his next run-in with The Gooch.

But now I'm back and the world has changed - as has Forest Hills, slightly.

We'll get to it all. But we'll start with one shout out to Newsday the biggest media so far to run an opinion piece against Bloomberg's ugly power grab. Read it here. Excerpts:

"These are rich men toying with the purchase of the public will. Never has the city seemed so nakedly for sale.

. . .It's been said before that we are a country of laws, not men. It's time to stand down, Mr. Mayor."

I'm going to stay on the term-limit thing because the public will must be presented in the infuriating absence of a referendum. I've waited patiently for eight years for Bloomberg's term to end - or "sunset" as they annoyingly say - and the mayoralty should be fairly passed to another worthy successor. JFK resurrected wouldn't have a chance against a billionaire incumbent in a local race. It is the very reason term limits were enacted in the first place - well, that and the election of David Dinkins.

I'll label the posts in the title because I know a lot of you aren't interested. But the headline is we're back and we'll get to all the happenings.