Friday, November 14, 2008

100 Posts by Christmas

My Christmas gift to you. 100 posts all about Forest Hills. I'm creating a new site to deal with more city-wide issues which will get no traffic, but will allow me to vent. Forest Hills 72 will be only Forest Hills issues - at least for the next one hundred posts.

But Forest Hills 72 is back with 100 posts by Christmas starting. . .now.

Went into Nick's a few nights ago. The whole crowd consisted of four couples. Every single one was a white man and an Asian woman. Four for four. I waited there for fifteen minutes for a fifth couple to come in to get the royal flush.

Told my wife about it. Told her it was almost awkward like someone should have said something. There was an elephant in that room (and it thought the pizza was overrated, which it isn't). My wife thought it was a coincidence.

This was no coincidence. Not four for four. I mean, had there even been one Asian man with a white woman I would have let it go. I thought for a long time about the cause. Best I can figure, the white men are realizing that in this new economy, without any real skill - and only doctors and electricians have any real skill - they're going to need a really smart kid for retirement. They're playing the odds.

It's good to be back.

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