Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Atlas Park 360

The Daily News has not one, not two but three articles on Atlas Park today in their Queens News section. Unfortunately, only one is online (but it's the main one).

The articles cover everything from gripes tenants of the mall have to local residents and their feelings about it.

I haven't wavered in my support for Hemmerdinger's mall. I think what the guy has done with a decrepit industrial complex is amazing. And the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce could learn a lot from his constant events and aggressive marketing. That Frankie's Haircut/Toystore should be on Austin Street. As should White House/Black Market and a bunch of other Atlas Park stores.

But to be 100% honest, there are a lot of reasons not to go. Mainly, parking is a bitch where I live. On the off chance I've got a good space, I'm not losing it for a quick ride to Gymboree.

Other gripes:
  • Get rid of the circular parking. Either you're a green or a parking lot - you can't be both. Ban cars and expand the green to the stores.
  • I don't mind the $3 parking, but it should be validated with a $10 purchase.
  • Close the movie theater and make it a live venue. I know that one's a little radical, but movie theaters bring out too many scumbags, while Central Queens desperately needs a place to see a small concert/professional play.

Good luck Mr. Hemmerdinger. You've got my email address if you need any help.