Sunday, November 23, 2008

City Section - Forest Hills

In an effort to ease the weekly disappointment of not seeing a dispatch from Forest Hills in the NY Times City Section, come to this site where we will feature a new Times-style report every Sunday morning.

(bike rack in front of Rite Aid at LIRR Forest Hills station)

In an area where Mercedes comfortably share the road with red pullcarts, one mode of transport has emerged. The bicycle.

The Department of Transportation (DoT) has recently installed a series of bike racks along side 71st Avenue (known to locals as 'Continental Avenue') in an effort to both boost bike ridership and lessen congestion.

And they have proven as popular as a bagel and schmear at the Gotta Getta Bagel shoppe they are parked in front of.

In recent years, the DoT has installed hundreds of miles of bike lanes throughout New York City, but not a one in Forest Hills, where young people priced out of their obvious first choice of Manhattan have been forced to settle.

And though area bike enthusiasts hold out hope that Commissioner Sadik Khan has more transportation policy changes in store for the congested area than a couple of hunks of metal, Ms. Sadik Khan does not currently bike through Forest Hills to get to work so the lanes will have to wait.

But until then, there's always Gotta Getta Bagel on 71st, I'm sorry, Continental Avenue.