Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Oko, You're Oko

Well I guess now it can be revealed.

You know that new yogurt shop Oko which is having its grand opening today Wednesday November 19 at 71-50 Austin St? That's the location our friend the landlord was seeking advice on back in May.

Forest Hills will be its third location, joining Park Slope and the East Village.

Now pat yourselves on the back for brining it here. In the 80 comments that were left in reponse to the landlord's informal survey, "a yogurt place" and variations thereof (Pinkberry, etc) was by far the most popular pick (followed by hardware store).

I know the landlord read the comments - he told me he did. It's not a stretch to guess that he contacted yogurt places and pitched them on Forest Hills. He probably went to Pinkberry first since so many people said they wanted that. I've never heard of it.

Thank you to all those who chimed in. Now it's up to us to support it. And why wouldn't we? Oko features great desserts, fair trade coffee (which has got to be better than Trade Fair coffee), and of course fresh frozen yogurt.

Please make it out to Oko this week to show your support. You brought it here. Reward the landlord who showed an interest what you wanted and didn't just rent out to some fly-by-night crappy business with some shit inventory to unload.

You are the real estate agent, the Chamber of Commerce, the local politician. Yes, it's just a yogurt/coffee shop, but to me it represents some of the effort we've put into this. And they have free wi-fi so if it sucks, you can comment that you wanted the hardware store all along.