Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is It Purim Already?

Or Sukkoth? Or something bigger like Yom Kippur. Because as empty as Austin Street was tonight at 6:30pm, it must have been some kind of holy day.

If this is what we can expect in this economy, there will be blood.

6:30pm on Austin Street on a Thursday approaching the holiday season felt like 11pm on a Monday in February. It wasn't the weather. It was empty. I'm talking parking spaces available. You could hear the few leaves left on the trees blowing. I almost longed for a gelled up zippahead blasting Pulse 87 in his Maxima on his way to Bartini's. Silence.

Empty, from the new Oko to the Tap House. Even the always packed 5 Burros had room at the bar - and Thursday ususally sees people spilling on the sidewalk there.

How the hell is anyone going to make their crazy rent? Sukkoth that.