Friday, November 28, 2008

Ribcage Crushing Specials

With not much Forest Hills news to report this weekend, my thoughts turn to Jdimytai Damour, 34, the Valley Stream Walmart worker who was trampled to death . Mr. Damour lives in Jamaica and his father lives in Fresh Meadows.

Walmart, who promotes these dangerous stampedes by only offering a few tv's at $99 and the rest at $600, has blood on its hands. Next time, it will know better and only hire zookeepers the day after Thanksgiving to control the animals.

I hope Mr. Damour's father hires a good lawyer and takes Walmart for everything. I also hope a surveillance tape emerges and whoever participated in this is exposed. Even if you can't throw them in jail, at least put them on trial and make them put what ever they saved towards legal fees 100 times over.

Besides Walmart and the 5am animals, some others to blame for this tragedy:

The news media for tirelessly talking up Black Friday as if it's some kind of cosmic event. It's people going shopping and using coupons - get your asses to Mumbai.

Every other store with "Door Buster Specials." (do a search, there are hundreds). Busting a door implies a 5am stampede. You might as well call it "Ribcage Crushing Specials"

The Nassau County Police. If an unruly mob of people are congregating, isn't it your duty to supersede the private company planning the event and provide some kind of control?

My heart goes out to Jdimytai Damour, a Haitian born nice man who was just trying to earn a few extra dollars for the holidays. Yes, it's pathetic that we have to pass a law to keep people from trampling each other to buy electronics, but call it Damour's Law and have the stores honor rain checks for all sale items and have them offered all day.

(screen shot of the above "While Supplies Last" items taken off Valley Stream Walmart website at 10:30pm, more than 12 hours after Damour's death).