Tuesday, November 25, 2008

L-Oko-ing for work?

Energetic Counter Person Wanted For New Dessert Store (Austin Street, Forest Hills)

Energetic, friendly, hard working Counter Person wanted for new, busy dessert store on Austin Street in Forest Hills. Come by in person and bring your resume on Tuesday or Wednesday, November 25th or 26th from 12 noon to 4 pm. Oko, Yummy Naturally, 71-50 Austin Street, Forest Hills. Experience preferred.


Bring your resume? Experience preferred? Good. Better to err on the side of professionalism. Customer service stinks around here and in this economy, I'm not having it. The Key Food by Yellowstone and QB has downright mean people. Not disinterested - but actively mean. What kind of store has cashiers yelling at their customers? I know the elderly can be a pain in the ass, but deal with it.

Then you got Boston Market which is a nightmare. Buster Brown's is nice, but in kind of a condescending tone ('You're the customer and the customer is always right' - I know there's something behind that, but his shoes are great). Bagels Etc doesn't care about you and shows it. Natural Market is hit or miss as is AJ's.

Except my dry cleaner. He's great. No matter how tired he is or how many times I forget my ticket, that son-of-a-gun is always smiling. God bless him.

So my advice to Oko - don't worry too much about experience or resume. Hire the nicest person who walks through the door and you've got my business.