Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here's a Forest Hills Ledger story on housing additions in the far northwest corner of Forest Hills. I've never been to much of a McMansion fighter. I think they're ugly, but my offer stands - if anyone wants to trade me their small Cord Meyer house for my co-op, just email me the contract. So far no takers. Cord Meyer used to be beautiful, and now it's tacky. But the houses are still worth 1.5 million and you can do a lot worse than live someone who wants to build a nice house.

But what struck me about this particular article was the clear tone of fright.

"None of the approximate 10 neighborhood residents who spoke with the TimesLedger would give their full names — or their names at all — and some said they were concerned physical harm could come to them if they spoke out against the occupants of the house in question."

Where are these people's elected representatives? Can you imagine being elected to serve people in America in 2008 and knowing they are terrified to talk to the press? It's f--ing depressing. Get over to 63rd Drive Assemblyman and Councilmember and arrange a sit down with all parties. Have them talk it out and I'm sure it will ease some of the tension. There is obviously a huge (and fixable) concern among your constituents and you're ignoring it. They need your help. You can get back to fundraising the next day.